beginning photos

Welcome to my blog! These are photos from a random assortment of events in the past 7 months or so since I got my camera. Most of the time I will try to make one post with photos from one event, but I wanted to get these random ones up first.

A carnival in Marceline, Missouri, where my dad grew up and my parents met. Taken July 4, 2008.


Sparkler, July 4, 2008.


Flowers in my mother-in-law’s uncle’s garden.


University of Michigan–Ann Arbor campus.




A friend’s wedding reception, September 2008.


I love nature. I can’t decide if that’s what I want to photograph, or people. I love both.




Petrie! In all her beauty.

My gorgeous kitty Petrie! There will probably be a lot of photos of her.

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO…and my hubby. 🙂


The street outside my old apartment. I wish there wasn’t so much outside lighting, the car lights would have looked a lot better if isolated.


Pine tree in Pagosa Springs, CO.




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5 responses to “beginning photos

  1. Rosemary

    WOW! Beautiful, Erin!

  2. Lynette

    Beautiful pictures Erin. Look forward to seeing more. I also love taking pictures of nature, my nieces & nephews and my cats. Lately I have a fascination with clouds. What kind of camera are you using?

  3. ema

    Lynette, I’m using a Canon 20D SLR camera. I love it!

  4. mom

    beautiful pictures, great composition, perfect framing

  5. Shauna

    These pictures are so beautiful; I cant wait to see more of them! 🙂 I’m excited we will have such a talented photographer!

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